What’s your style?

I’m actually very flexible when it comes to shooting style. I always observe. If I think there is enough drama going on, I would never interfere. I'm a candid shooter. I don't direct person to do anything. I'm just letting the story to unfold.

What equipment do you use?

I'm using the latest HDSLR Cameras to capture your moments in High Definition. I also use Crane, Glidecam HD4000 and Glidetrack for more detailed shooting. For more stable shots, I'm using a Manfrotto 701HDV, 501 and 701HDV set.

How much do you charge outside of Cavite?

If your wedding is within Cavite, Manila and Tagaytay then there is no extra charge. If it’s anywhere else, there will be minimal hotel/transpo/Food expense charges. Kindly contact us regarding expense charges.

How long is your service?

I usually arrive 4 hours before the take off time to the ceremony, and leave when the party is over.

Do we have to feed you?

YES Please. You don’t actually have to serve us with gourmet food or invite us at the buffet, but we’ll certainly appreciate it if crew meals are served. And maybe some hot coffee if you have a morning wedding.

How many are there in your crew?

If it’s Videography only, there will be 4-5 persons. If there’s going to be an onsite there will be total of 7-8 persons.

When do you usually deliver?

I ask my clients at least 90 days. All our videos are unique and one of a kind. We do not use templates. Each clip will be meticulously chosen and edited.

Does the client get any say what goes in the video?

YES. I will give you 2 copies of the video and we will wait for your approval. Any changes is warmly accepted and revisions will be made as soon as possible.